Our Team

Abdul Hameed


Abdul Hameed is a Data Analyst. He has almost 4 years of overall experience with 2.5 years as a Data Analyst. He has worked on Microsoft Azure SQL, Azure App Services, PowerBI, .Net, C#, Python. He pursued BE in ECE. He is a Gaming Enthusiast and plays games like Soccer, Action-Adventure and Racing Games.

Adharsha Raja

Data analyst

Adharsha is a Data Analyst. She has completed her Postgraduation in Big Data from VIT. She has experience in Python, Machine Learning, SQL and  PowerBI.
She loves to draw.

Apratim Medhi

Data analyst

Apratim Medhi is a Data Analyst. He has completed his B.Tech in ECE from Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim. Previously I have worked as a Backend Software Developer primarily using Python and SQL. He has completed a 9 month Data Science AI & ML course from IVY Professional School. He is mostly into music and love to explore places and people.

Arjun Biradar

data analyst

Arjun Biradar is a Data Analyst. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has completed Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics from Imarticus Learning and has worked on Python,SQL,Hive,Tableau and building ML & DL models as a part of his academic course. He likes to play Basketball.

Arjun Krishnan

Engagement Lead

Arjun is an Engagement Lead and has an experience around 5 years in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.
His experience lies in SQL PL/SQL Programming, MSBI Suite(SSIS,SSAS,Power BI) and Excel Reporting. He has worked in companies like Infosys and Sapiens India before completing his MBA in Marketing and Analytics.He is a bookworm,loves playing and watching football and fond of travelling.

Arvind Jayaraman

Data Analyst

Arvind is a Data Analyst with about 3 years of experience. He has completed BE in CSE from PsgiTech as a Rank Holder. He has worked on Power Bi, Sql, Python, Azure, C#, Ui Path and Android Development. As an achievement, he has won the national level Smart India Hackathon organised by the Government of India. He has quite a good knowledge in stock market investment. He likes to travel and play sports.

Dhinesh Rajan


Dhinesh Rajan is a Data Analyst. Having around 2+ years of overall experience. He has worked on SAS SQL, SQL Lite, Metabase, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik Sense, Python, R Programming. He has ‘Data Science Pro Degree’ Certification from Imarticus Learning Institute, Bangalore. He has pursued Bachelor of Engineering from SRM Trichy

Dwaipayan Sarker


Dwai is a Data Analyst and has around 2.5 years of experience in Backend Development and Reporting in Tata Consultancy Services. His experience lies in PL/SQL,Jaspersoft Reports, MS Excel and PowerBI. He has completed his MBA in Finance and Analytics. He is a multi-instrumentalist and enthusiast in music, photography, cooking and poetry.

Gaurav D

data analyst

Gaurav is a data analyst who has worked on products such as Python, SQL and Power BI. He is a b.tech graduate from BMS college of engineering.. He loves trekking and go on long drives.

Harshawardhan Joshi


With a strong passion to help customers succeed, Harsha founded Sagasit Analytics in June 2017. He brings 20 years of services experience to the table, being successful in small, medium and large organizations. He has managed all types of projects – single member 1-week projects to 65 member, 5 month projects. Key achievements were managing the largest Big Data telecom deployment in the world and winning the Services Partner of the Year award from Tableau in 2015. He is an avid birder and spends many weekend mornings in the woods and lakes around Bangalore.

Helly Bhalodia


Helly is a Data Analyst. She has completed Postgraduate Program in Data Science from Great Lakes and is a B.Tech graduate in Information Technology. She is well versed in Python, SQL, Tableau and Power BI. She loves painting, musical nights and travelling.

Mahima Choudhary

Senior data analyst

Mahima is a BI Analyst. She has completed M.Sc. in Statistics along with that she has “Data Science pro Degree”. She has experience in Tableau, Machine Learning, Statistics modelling and R.

Mahima Goyal

data analyst

Mahima is a Data Analyst. She has experience of 3 years as software development and customer success engineer. She has worked on SQL, Python, and Javascript with companies like Cisco and Appdynamics. She has a Bachelor degree in computer science and has completed MBA in Analytics and Finance post her professional work experience. She is a wanderlust who loves to dance.

Md Shahjada

data analyst

Md Shahjada is a Data Analyst. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.He works on tools likePython , SQL & Tableau.He loves to travel and explore historical places.

Muskan Saluja

Marketing Operations Manager

Muskan is a Manager in Sales and Operations. She comes with experience of about 6 years in the Client relationship, Operations and Procurement having worked with Shadowfax, Cure.fit and Flipkart in Bengaluru. She has good communication, team management and Organizational understanding, and has also been recognised for her work in her previous organization.
She is a video blogger in Health and Wellness, a blog writer, and a solo traveller.

Nazish Mehdi

data analyst

Nazish has 1 year experience as a Data Analyst. She is a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering. she is a quick learner and enjoys music in her leisure time.

Parth Ditanwala

DATA analyst

Parth is an engineering college graduate and holds an MBA in Marketing and Operations. He also carries experience in customer relations and knows Python, Tableau,SQL, machine learning and deep learning. He is an enthusiast for new era technologies and finds keen interest in botany and medical science.He likes to spend his spare time reading and writing poetry and loves storytelling, he also enjoys cooking various types of cuisines.

Pawan Kumar

data analyst

Pawan Kumar is a data analyst who has worked on products such as Python, SQL and Power BI. He has done his post graduate degree in Data Science Engineering from Great Lakes Institute. He likes to play with data until it confesses valuable information. He likes to travel and loves to play outdoors

Pooja Bihani

data analyst

Pooja is a B.Tech graduate in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Mody University, Rajasthan. She has previously worked as SAP ABAP Developer at Accenture for an year. She enjoys cooking and trekking.

Pooja S

data analyst

Pooja is a Data Analyst. She completed Post Graduation in Management of Data Science and Analytics. She has 1.5 years work experience as a coding tutor for Data Analysis. She has experience in Python,Mysql and Tableau. She loves movies and long travel.

Prajna Kotian

data analyst

Prajna is a Data Analyst. She has 2.5 years of technology experience in Dotnet,SQL and the IT field. She has also previously worked as a Data Analyst in her previous company. She has very good communication skills. She pursues drawing as a hobby during her leisure time.


Rahul Anvekar

Data analyst

Rahul is a Data Analyst who has two plus years of experience has worked for clients like Ford and Cisco. He has done Post graduate program in Data Science from Imarticus and has worked on products such as Python, SQL and Power BI. He likes to Trek and is interested in Martial arts.

Sephali Sahoo

Data analyst

Sephali is a Data Analyst, who is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer from KIIT, Bhubaneswar. She entered her career with Accenture. Her skills include tools, namely Python, SQL, Tableau, and Machine Learning. She shares an interest in drawing and crafts, and in solving puzzles.

Shubadha Athle

HR Executive

Shubadha is a HR Executive,she is a fresher with MBA in Human resource and Marketing. Her skills are good communication, planning and execution of Hr activities in the organisation.She keeps interest in Cooking and Travelling.

Shubhash AV

data analyst

He has a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics, a master’s in Computer-aided design and manufacturing, and has completed Postgraduate Program in Data Science from Great Lakes, He Has worked as an assistant professor for 3 years and Business development associate for 2 years, He likes to play action-adventure and strategy PC games.


Sree Soundarya C

data analyst

Soundarya is a Data Analyst. She has completed her Post Graduate program in Data Science from Praxis Business School. She started her career as a Software Engineer at Accenture. She has previously worked on Text Analytics, Deep Learning, Python and Machine Learning projects. She is a Polyglot and in her free time she likes to Sing, Draw, Cook or Learn new Languages(spoken).

Sumeet Jain

data analyst

Sumeet is a Data Analyst and has developed Data Science Courses at Edureka for 2 years. He is good at data cleansing and processing. He has also worked on machine learning and deep learning frameworks such as sci-kit-learn, TensorFlow, and PyTorch. He spends his free time either playing competitive games or at Kaggle.

Sushma D

data analyst

Sushma is a Data Analyst. She has bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics and is pursuing MTech in Data Science and Machine Learning. She has experience in IT and HR sectors, offering Data Analytics. Well versed with Python, Tableau and Machine Learning Algorithms. She enjoys long drives. 


data analyst

Viranjaney is a Data Analyst. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and has completed Applied AI course . He is skilled in Python, Machine learning, NLP. He plays Table Tennis and loves to read about latest innovations happening in the industry.

Vrushali Angadi

Senior data analyst

Vrushali is a Data Analyst, onboard since September 2018. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from Visvesvaraya Technological University and a pro degree in Data Science. Her niche is in the field of Data Science and Visualisation with experience in Machine Learning, R, Python, Power BI and PowerApps.