Our Team


engagement manager

Abin is a Data Analyst and has worked for six years on different data warehousing and reporting tools. Primarily worked on products like SAP BI, Qlik, Tableau and Excel/VBA. Highly skilled in specification gathering, data analysis, modelling and report creation. Abin is a Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate ( DQA ). He has done his B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering and worked for companies like Infosys and Coats India. He loves painting and drawing.

Adharsha Raja

Data analyst

Adharsha is a Data Analyst. She has completed her Postgraduation in Big Data from VIT. She has experience in Python, Machine Learning, SQL, PowerBI.
She loves to draw.


Data analyst

Ankit is a Data Analyst and has overall work experience of almost 3 years which includes working in Tech Mahindra as Network Tester. Primarily he has worked on projects which required data analyzing, data cleaning, data manipulation and data visualization using Power BI and Python. He has completed a Postgraduate Program in Data Science from International School of Education(INSOFE) and achieved a scholarship for his final project. He has done B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Ankit is passionate about watching and playing football.


Engagement Lead

Arjun is an Engagement Lead and has an experience around 5 years in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.
His experience lies in SQL PL/SQL Programming, MSBI Suite(SSIS,SSAS,Power BI) and Excel Reporting. He has worked in companies like Infosys and Sapiens India before completing his MBA in Marketing and Analytics.He is a bookworm,loves playing and watching football and fond of travelling.


data analyst

Ashesh is a Data Analyst. He is an analytics certified individual from Imarticus Learning and is a BTech graduate. He has worked as a Service Engineer with Smart Enviro Systems to resolve customer issues in IoT technology. Ashesh is good at problem-solving and is a quick learner. He is highly skilled in data analytics tools like Python, R, Tableau, Power BI. He usually spends his free time in Theatre and Singing.

Baalaaji Manivannan

Senior data analyst

Baalaaji is a Senior Data Analyst. He has overall work experience of 9 years in the IT industry and a degree in Computer Science Engineering. In his prior experience, he worked on automating applications, developing NLP BOT using Python, creating dashboards/visuals using R Programming and various python mini projects. In his free time, he loves to watch classical world movies, play chess and strategic video games with friends.

Gaurav D

data analyst

Gaurav is a data analyst who has worked on products such as Python, SQL and Power BI. He is a b.tech graduate from BMS college of engineering.. He loves trekking and go on long drives.

Gourav Totla

Data analyst

Gourav is a Data Scientist. He has completed B.E. in Computer Science from Bhopal. He started his career as a software developer with Tata Consultancy Services. Gourav has worked in python automation, API development, Data Warehousing and ETL. He is highly skilled in Python, C#, SSIS, SQL and Power BI. In free time he likes to play cricket and watch TV series.

Harshawardhan Joshi


With a strong passion to help customers succeed, Harsha founded Sagasit Analytics in June 2017. He brings 20 years of services experience to the table, being successful in small, medium and large organizations. He has managed all types of projects – single member 1-week projects to 65 member, 5 month projects. Key achievements were managing the largest Big Data telecom deployment in the world and winning the Services Partner of the Year award from Tableau in 2015. He is an avid birder and spends many weekend mornings in the woods and lakes around Bangalore.

Helly Bhalodia


Helly is a Data Analyst. She has completed Postgraduate Program in Data Science from Great Lakes and is a B.Tech graduate in Information Technology. She is well versed in Python, SQL, Tableau and Power BI. She loves painting, musical nights and travelling.

Mahima Choudhary

data analyst

Mahima is a BI Analyst. She has completed M.Sc. in Statistics along with that she has “Data Science pro Degree”. She has experience in Tableau, Machine Learning, Statistics modelling and R.

Pawan Kumar

data analyst

Pawan Kumar is a data analyst who has worked on products such as Python, SQL and Power BI. He has done his post graduate degree in Data Science Engineering from Great Lakes Institute. He likes to play with data until it confesses valuable information. He likes to travel and loves to play outdoors

Priyanka Pillai

data analyst

Priyanka is a Data Analyst. She has completed her M.Tech  in Computer Science Specialisation in Big Data Analytics from Vellore Institute of Technology and B.Tech in Information Technology.She has worked on ETL , API development, building dashboards in PowerBI. She is skilled in Python, SQL, PowerBI.She loves travelling and going on treks.

Rahul Anvekar

data analyst

Rahul is a Data Analyst who has two plus years of experience has worked for clients like Ford and Cisco. He has done Post graduate program in Data Science from Imarticus and has worked on products such as Python, SQL and Power BI. He likes to Trek and is interested in Martial arts.

Rashmi Gowda

PMO manager

Rashmi is a PMO & HR Manager and has overall experience for almost  13 years which includes working with Infosys Ltd., in their BPM division for UBS investment Bank and Credit Suisse as Business Analyst,  she has worked with different teams which includes Group Risk Controls ,Investment Banking controls , reconciliations. A good communicator possessing demonstrable interpersonal and team management skills. She likes to travel and explore. 

Shweta Bellakki

Senior data analyst

Shweta is a Data Analyst, mainly works on the Power BI tool. She has a degree in Information Science Engineering and MBA in Business Analytics & HR. She has worked as a System Engineer in TCS for 2yrs.  She has experience working in the Digital Marketing sector on Drupal 7, PHP, Excel/VBA. She loves singing.

Vivek Pathak

data analyst

Vivek has worked in the data analytics industry for 3 years , gaining experience in R,SQL, Python and Power BI.As a seasoned data analyst ,he is passionate about advancing machine learning skills. Outside of the office he likes to hangout with friends and he’s an automobile and game enthusiast.

Vrushali Angadi

data analyst

Vrushali is a Data Analyst, onboard since September 2018. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from Visvesvaraya Technological University and a pro degree in Data Science. Her niche is in the field of Data Science and Visualisation with experience in Machine Learning, R, Python, Power BI and PowerApps.