The client was a US Based Logistics company where the objective was to obtain an optimal pair and assign the task to a candidate, who is suitable for the task. 

6 weeks of cooperation | Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Tools Used:

Python | CSV 


The client was facing the problem of assigning tasks manually to the workers (Candidates) and pairing them to work together.  

That task requires manual work and time. Also, the candidates may or may not be assigned by their area of expertise which decreases the performance of the candidates as well as the business.


We have designed the algorithm using Python. In this code, we needed two input files – the main database and a list of candidates’ names. After that code follows some instructions and provides the output. 

As output, we got a CSV file that contains given candidate names along with the assigned jobs. The algorithm that our team had set for this project is to assign the job and divide the given list into a group of 4 people (candidate). 

Each group should have 4 people with 4 different tasks which are Sorting, Stowing, Packing, and Picking.

So, every time number of the group will be based on the following formula:

Group   = (Total number of candidates we want to assign) / 4

For Example: if we want to assign the task to 8 candidates, then the number of groups:

Group =8/4 = 2

This means for the 1st group we should have 4 candidates, one for each task (Sorting, Stowing, Packing, and Picking), Similarly for the 2nd group.


They can assign jobs to the person who has the higher capacity to do that particular job which helps the client to get more revenue. 

Earlier the client was getting less revenue in the same time period. After applying the algorithm, it increased. Now, they do not need to assign tasks manually. That saves time and manual effort.