The client’s company is a US Based e-commerce analytics company backed by insights from real human beings. It is a SaaS-based Product that provides customers with a detailed analysis of how their business is run.

5 weeks of cooperation | E-Commerce

Tools Used:

Python | Snowflake | SQL Server | PowerBI 


The client was facing the problem of understanding the different aspects of the customer journey. They wanted us to analyze the data and design the dashboard in such a way that they get clear insights of the customer from the data.


We have used Python and PowerBI for analyzing and developing the dashboard. The project was for 200 hours and about 4 person-months have worked on it. 

We helped them in Data ingestion from various data sources using Python, Data Validation across multiple transformations, and also did some calculations using Python, Snowflake, and SQL Server.

The dashboard that our team has designed explains the different aspects of the customer journey i.e it includes CLTV-the trial customers, converted customers, plans used by the customers, etc. It shows-

-Number of customers converted from the trial plan

-Number of loyal customers

-Customers to be targeted in the future.

-Customer provides the most revenue to the company