The client is a hospitality-based company headquartered in Chicago, USA. It owns water theme parks and provides other attractions like children’s activities, lodges and restaurants.

1 year of cooperation | Travel & Hospitality

Tools Used:

Matillion | Snowflake | Apache NIFI

Business Challenges: 

The client wanted us to develop an ETL tool on Matillion for which one of the biggest challenges we faced was to merge all the point-of-sale (POS) data under one single report. 

At the same time forecasting occupancy and revenue number through past numbers & last data on matillion was also a challenge for our team as we did not have clean data of our past samples. 

Even though Apache NIFI is a user-friendly platform that can accommodate diverse and highly complex data flow. Migrating all the data ingestion jobs from Apache NIFI to Matilion was quite tough as the data was not running smoothly. 


The client was very clear with their communication. We ingested data from all the POS sources then and adequately converted the columnar level data to the row level. 

After converting, we merged all the data and designed the report as per the sales team format. We used the window’s function on Matillion to calculate the forecasting numbers which were according to our client.


The outcome was appreciated by the sales team for providing them the POS report which matched their requirements for sales report format.