The client operates casinos and racetracks based in Pennsylvania with almost  44 facilities. Over the last nine years, it has been consistently ranked in the top two as “Employer of First Choice”. 

4 weeks of cooperation | Gaming/Entertainment

Tools Used:

Python | PowerBI | Selenium | SPSS |Tableau | Excel


The client was facing issues in the data as it was not inclined statistically and for this reason, it was giving them significant problems. There were a lot of variables for this reason web scraping was difficult which we later fed to the Google Maps search bar using selenium. 

The variables were so much that it was also difficult to choose an appropriate statistical tool to define the relationship between variables. The client was confused about all the variables he had at that moment so the project was moved to us to redefine all the variables.


To comply with the client’s requirements our team did statistical observation, data engineering, and data visualization using python, PowerBI and etc in the following ways:-

  • Firstly, our team observed the data and used the factor analysis method to identify the best factors that are contributing to the potential increase in net terminal income. Then our team found 11 such variables contributing directly to the positive correlation factor. After this, we found the weightage of the correlation factors and used them in a multiple linear regression formula to derive the best potential NTI. 
  • For the Data Engineering part, our team implemented a python code using selenium technology which was flexible enough to scrape the data from the different gaming establishments of the client and store it in the database.
  • Our team combined the data with statistics from the data retrieved with KPI representation in the dashboard we made a predictive analysis to record the percentage increased or decreased in the NTI depending on the potential factors. 


Our client created a revenue calculator that estimates the revenue based on the changes in different factors. Our team created a facility where clients can enter new data and get the revenue calculated on the calculator using PowerBI and Powerapps. 

The project overall was a huge success and was appreciated well enough by our client.