The client has a luxury barber shop, specializing in all aspects of barbering. They have 9 locations in Australia. Their goal is to make people young and old feel confident through a fun and friendly barber shop experience.

6 months of cooperation | Product & Services

Tools Used:

API | Data Extraction | Data Automation | Tableau | Python | Selenium | Pythonanywhere


The huge challenge was understanding the API lightspeed because the data we were receiving from there was quite incomplete. Merging sales and wages data was also tricky as the data was coming from two different APIs and finding a common field was not easy.

The API documentation was not clear due to which data validation was not clear. There was a huge no of data that had to be set manually which was quite a task. We had to contact the client’s support team for this!


We deep-dived into lightspeed and deputy API helped to resolve the issue of incomplete data, many of the employees were archived from the API which was then resolved by the Client. 

We had to make changes to the employee ids on both of the systems manually to create a common field in the data we received from both of the APIs. 

And after many continuous emails to the support team, we found a way around achieving valid data. The results were well received by the client and were published online on Tableau.