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6 months of cooperation | Entertainment

Tools Used:

VSCode | PgAdmin | AWS | Postgresql


The client wanted an automated horse race betting system and they did not have a single method because of this we had to try multiple scenarios on getting the betting right which was a bit challenging.

The project was about extracting data from two different data sources. The first one was by using API and the other was a socket connection. Using API was not a huge task but using a socket connection was a challenge for our team because of unclear data.


To satisfy the client’s requirements, we first created a socket connection that constantly listens to the port that sends live data instantly. For this, we had to test out various documents related to socket. 

After creating a socket connection, we divided the code into two elements:

  • The first one was to collect the data from different sources to convert it to the desired format.
  • The last one was to constantly read the incoming lines by analyzing them properly to place bets.

Flow Diagram:


Based on the condition and scenarios provided by the client, we were able to place bets on winning horses accurately and the project was a huge success.