The client has one of the largest global FMCG company offering a wide range of products in food & beverages, beauty & personal care & home care products. They are focused on providing consumer satisfaction through their products. 

11 weeks of cooperation | FMCG

Tools Used:

Tableau | PowerBI 


The project’s main object was to design dashboards and logos from the given data. So the main challenge that the client was facing was to get the right design. 

The client had all kinds of data input with them the only thing they needed was proper datasets. Previously the project was with Accenture. And the client was not getting the type of data that they wanted.

So, they moved the project to SagasIT Analytics. The main challenge was to get the data insights correct with a limited data implementation which was a challenge for us too. The dashboards need to be shifted from Tableau to PowerBI. 


The client had a livewire program with financial and all the brand reports. And through this data, we created one model and four designs. Which was immediately accepted by them in the first shot itself. 

We were assigned 23 more dashboards to design which we completed within limited data available. Which was well appreciated by the team. After the completion of all the dashboards, we were assigned a logo redesign.

Earlier the data was on Tableau and the client wanted it in PowerBI which was shifted and customized according to the client. The project was successful on our behalf and was well appreciated by our client. 


The program is now back in green and the first sets of dashboards are live and being used by the business.